Sputnik Textbook

Sputnik Textbook (Part 1 and 2) is an introductory Russian course designed to develop basic reading, writing, listening and communication skills. Sputnik is designed both for classroom use at the university/college level as well as a helpful self-study guide for beginning learners of Russian.

The author provides a step-by-step introduction to Russian with clear and simple explanations of grammar and sentence structure.
Dr. Rochtchina teaches Russian at the University of Victoria, Canada. She is also known for her online tutorial RussianForEveryone.com, which is visited by 300,000 people each year from over 200 countries.

The full package includes a textbook, optional workbook (sold separately) and free access to a complementary website sputniktextbook.org.

Sputnik Textbook sample pages

Sputnik Workbook sample pages

Sputnik complementary website

Complementary website audio materials recorded by professional Russian narrators and actors help learners to acquire proper pronunciation.

Interactive online activities and a friendly interface for learners and instructors with automatic grading of exercises and tests are designed to support effective learning and teaching.

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